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Aerial image analysis

Counting pumpkins

One example of precision agriculture application. Specially trained neural network recognize individual pumpkins, detect their position and count their number. 

Pomegranate tree in the vinyard field

Artificial Intelligence algorithm was trained to recognize different features: pomegranate fruits, leafs, soil and segment the video. 

Algae detection under water

Machine learning segmentation of algae under water. One can estimate the areas occupied by algae under water even flying by drone above water.

Vineyard damage estimation

Specially trained neural network recognize individual plants, detect the missing or unhealthy plants, estimate distances between them and creates the visual map. 

How many flowers in the poppy flowers field?

Artificial intelligence algorithm can detect individual poppy flowers, segment the field and estimate a damage to the field created by an animal.

before after

Estimation of the damage to a property

Automatic segmentation of problematic zones with the drone

Plant health estimation

Drone photo and consequent machine learning analysis reveal problem plants and detect their position

Forest inspection

Segmentation of unaffected, partially burned and totally burned trees with their detected positions.

Corresponding area classification.

before after
before after

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