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Aerial services

  • Aerial works are performed by professional drone pilot certified by Spanish areal traffic regulator AESA.
  • Located at the University Rovira i Virgili, Fundació URV is as an official operator of drones registered at AESA and for drone operations it has Established Operation Manual, Insurance for Aerial Works, Declaration of Liability, Safety Study Protocol.
  • Certified for professional utilisation of drones for - Aerial cinematography and photography, - Aerial topography and photogrammetry, - Research and Development, - Emergency and Resque, - Test flights (aerial equipment, new drones, new cameras, etc)

Drone photography

Terabites of author videos and photos of Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Teruel, Andorra and other places are available at our Data Server. We are ready to film for you on demand. Contact us for details


Aerial image analysis

AI powered algorithms to detect, classify, recognize and segment features in the aerial photos and videos. Applications are ranging from precision agriculture to deep damage analysis.

Panoramic photos

Creation 360° (sphere photo), 180°, horizontal, vertical panoramas from the drone with up to 23004x11502 resolution RAW. 

wind tourbine inspection

Inspection of infrastructure

Drone inspection, georeferenced maps and 3D models of the site and buildings.

wind tourbine inspection


Terrain modeling, large scale mapping, stiching of drone photos in 2D maps. For precision agriculture, see our offers in image analysis for detection and segmentation of agriculture fields.

Personalized approach

Each client has a personalized quote and work plan. The algorithms may be tuned and ajusted to the needs of the clients.

Flexible prices

The prices are determined case-by-case taking into account the exact requirements of a client and complexity of the required work. 

Big data and massive computation

Our servers are ready for computationally intensive jobs to process big data taking advantage of power of modern GPUs and artificial intelligence.

Scientific problems

We are open for unexplored scientific problems that can be solved by massive analysis of images using machine learning techniques.

Check also our services for image analysis for microscopy:

Episenses microscopy


Fundació URV,
Av. Paisos Catalans 18
43007 Tarragona, Spain


e-mail: [email protected]
tel: +34 6 44448558